Kunal Khanna

Kunal Khanna

Business Intelligence Analyst


In a data-driven world, it’s easy for business leaders to get lost, not knowing what metrics to pay attention to or how to interrogate those numbers until they give up their stories.

As our 460degrees Business Intelligence Expert, Kunal Khanna supporting our clients to make informed decisions to quickly solve their business problems.

Before joining the 460degrees team on a project working with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Kunal worked across many industries, including technology and retail, leveraging his skills and expertise to help businesses connect to and visualise their data, providing deeper business insights. Looking forward, he hopes to develop his skills, combining the capabilities of both data engineering and analysis for a true end-to-end service.

A lifelong learner, Kunal is happiest when a project has him striving to learn new skills. He also particularly enjoys building meaningful, usable reporting solutions that positively impact an organisation’s performance.

Outside work, Kunal enjoys pursuing self-driven professional development opportunities, such as online courses or webinars, and spending time with family and friends. A keen sports fan, he’s also partial to binge watching corporate dramas.