Change may be one of the single most difficult things to effect within a business. It takes enormous skill and depth of experience to understand how to get people on the bus – not to mention getting them to their destination on time and on budget.

That’s where an expert Delivery Lead like Helen Skamvougeras is worth her weight (and then some) in gold. She helps people articulate and reframe change as an opportunity to be embraced, ensuring that projects aren’t just delivered, but embedded into new systems and structures.

Helen comes to the 460degrees team via a series of senior strategic roles in finance, change and transformation, including her position as Director, Head of Finance Change Management across Asia Pacific at the Royal Bank of Canada.

A natural leader and problem-solver, Helen’s happy place is defining a client’s strategy and vision and bringing together the right team to deliver it.

Outside work, you’ll find Helen planning her next trip overseas, sampling the cuisine at the latest new restaurant or finding peace and mental clarity through gardening, exercising, or chilling with family and friends.