The entire mission of Australia’s Defence Force is to keep our nation safe, but the digital world has presented them with whole new territory to defend. To stay ahead of security threats, they rely on Experts, like Harry Quaida, Technical Instructor for Defence, to help them build the knowledge and muscle they need to protect our nation.

Having recently joined the 460degrees team, Harry brings to the table something beyond experience and skill; a genuine passion for education and making a positive contribution to Australian society. Not happy unless he’s exceeding expectations, he thrives on bringing value to his clients.

Harry’s natural talent for delivering engaging training was honed into know-how through his most recent role teaching IT courses through The Boxhill Institute at the Simpson Barracks. Having also worked in various roles in IT and Operations Support, Networking Engineering and Cybersecurity, his real-world experience means he lends more than just theory to his teaching.

Outside work, Harry loves taking in his kids’ football games, as well as reading, going for long walks and travelling. Currently pursuing his Masters in Cybersecurity, he also enjoys jumping on his home lab and sharpening his IT skills.