Patrick delivers a range of cybersecurity projects with 460degrees and provides thought leadership and advice to our team. He draws on behavioural and physical sciences to deliver holistic, comprehensive cyber solutions to our clients.

As a cyber-sociologist, Patrick investigates what, how and why people think and do what they do, identifies the security implications of our behaviour and ways of thinking, and then works to develop solutions to any vulnerabilities or weaknesses he finds. In his role he strives to deliver robust security architecture that outperforms the conventional techno-centric cyber solutions that currently dominate the market.

Patrick gained his PhD in Sociology in 2019, shortly after he had been offered and accepted a lecturing position at the Optus La Trobe Cybersecurity Research Hub. As a lecturer and as a research fellow at Deakin University, he refined his formidable skills, knowledge and experience across a broad range of fields in cybersecurity. His frequent interactions with industry, government – particularly the Department of Defence – imparted an irrepressible desire to engage with the cyber security issues he encountered directly.

Patrick takes particular satisfaction in eliciting previously obscured elements of the problems faced by his clients, then taking a collaborative approach to finding solutions. He sees his best results when these solutions become even more effective and increase in scale over time – and are eventually integrated into an organisation’s culture.

When he isn’t working, Patrick prefers to spend as much of his time with his wife and children as he can. When the day is through and time permitting, Patrick enjoys playing video games just as much now as he did when he was a child.

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