As the Project Training Lead within Cybersecurity (aka Fleet IET Modernisation Training Lead), Dale is the go-to Expert when it comes to Cybersecurity Training, Content Development and Facilitation.

Deft with the details, Dale is happiest learning new software products and converting complex information into training programs and usable how-to guides.

The face to face element, however, is Dale’s favourite part of the job. Heading up a training session is where he really shines, drawing upon decades of experience working as a Technical Trainer.

Dale brings a depth and breadth of experience to the table, having thus far enjoyed a fascinating and varied career journey. After spending 8 years as a Navy Radio Operator (what’s now known as a Communication and Information System Sailor), he side-stepped into desktop support within Defence. Subsequent training roles saw him working with major organisations such as NSW Health and QLD Health.

Passionate about continuous learning, Dale headed back to university in 2019 and is currently studying to gain his Bachelor of Aviation (Flight Operations).

In his personal life, Dale loves nothing more than spending time with his family, including his wife and step-son. Dale is also keen follower of competitive Cycling, and in fact, took part in some competitive club racing as a youngster.