While you could define DevOps as “an exercise in creating robust, fault-tolerant infrastructure that leverages automation to increase efficiency and ease of use,” Callum prefers to describe it in far simpler terms. For him it boils down to a combination of the two things he enjoys most: building things and helping people.

As a 460degrees DevOps Expert, Callum’s main goal is to kick obstacles out of the way so your teams can feel confident to innovate and experiment, allowing them to ‘move fast and break things’. Insatiably curious with broad experience and finely honed skills, Callum describes himself as a generalist and brings deep expertise to the 460degrees table gained through a wide variety of client engagements, ranging from established enterprise organisations to small FinTech startups and everything in between.

A big fan of “challenging but interesting” problems, a great day at the office means working closely with teams to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and pain points in the development workflow and to achieve increased release velocity without sacrificing confidence or safety.

Callum’s curious nature follows him outside the office. In his spare time, he enjoys 1/35 scale modelling of WW2 armour and regularly falls down rabbit holes in topics such as cryptocurrency, philosophy and history. If a genie appeared, offering him just one wish, he reckons he’d have to choose the ability to speak and understand all languages, past and present.