An increasingly digital world needs smarter, more empowered communities and businesses. So, you need a team to get you there.

Businesses and communities are looking to address an increasing list of challenges, spanning climate change, health, economic development and more. With more digital, unconventional business models emerging, there is a huge need for our systems and structures to transform.

The 460degrees team empowers you to drive this transformation. We work with your business with a strategically aligned approach.  We foster a culture of innovation to sustain the transformation and to continue to look for new business models. Our data-driven and technologically advanced approach uses 5G, Edge and Cloud Computing, IoT and Open Data Platforms, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The 460degrees team brings a wealth of emerging skills and experience to this space, covering local and national government, Smart Cities, digital tourism, eHealth, digital ports, and construction and telecommunications.

Champions in their field

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