Telecommunications infiltrates and permeates every aspect of 21st century life. We help our clients design, build and operate the fundamental networks that support their customers.


For over 15 years, experts at 460degrees have been consistently involved in the network technology evolution – we understand how products are built and deployed, how things are changing, and where the services and markets are headed.

Telecommunications engineering focuses on the development, design and maintenance of voice and data communications networks and systems – including optical fibre, satellite, wired, unwired, and the encoding, encryption and compression of data. In these areas and more we have extensive technical and practical experience.

Network engineering is an incredibly important building block within our customers’ business operations and cost structures. Our expertise gives us the ability to provide flexible business models, including on-shore and off-shore models.

We can assist and partner with our customers to implement, innovate and operate their telecommunications networks and specialised services into the new century.

As each day passes, more and more devices become interconnected and gather data. The upcoming rapid expansion needs support, and we can work with you on this.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new and burgeoning field of expertise, requiring a new generation of experts to ideate, create, and deploy the new products and services it entails.

IoT is self-explanatory in name, referring to any item or device that connects to and communicates with the internet. This includes everything from mobile phones, smart home devices, GPS navigation, sound systems, even through to fridges and almost anything else that can be thought of.

Today, 460degrees experts are playing critical roles for our customers as they create and execute their IoT products, services, and GTM plans.

As telecommunications and information technology evolves, a defined process, team approach, and workforce that is knowledgeable and experienced in infrastructure deployment is imperative.


Successful network rollouts, from planning to the smallest physical details, are what our customers aim for. If achieved, they contribute significantly to competitive success in the market.

This approach helps ensure that infrastructure implementations are consistent with business objectives, and such is carried to the highest quality standards without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.

We understand all aspects of the Network Infrastructure Rollout process. Our experts can provide everything from ‘PMO as a Service’ and data analytics, through to highly talented people to augment your ‘in-house’ team.

Next Generation Optical and Transmission networks are a fundamental pillar that will support the transition to a 5G and IoT world.


As core network technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, our customers need access to the best Optical and Transmission experts in the market, if they are to outpace their competitors.

Optical fibre technology has brought us one of the fastest communication networks available. Our engineers are heavily experienced with fibre optic networks, ensuring that network capacity is built from the planning and design stage through to smooth management whilst live with guidelines met.

Radio Frequency (RF) engineering is in our DNA.


RF Design and Planning of cellular communication has two objectives – coverage and capacity. We know both inside and out.

Our experts have deep and practical experience in ensuring sufficient services – from assigning frequencies, transmitter locations and parameters of a wireless communications system, through to providing solutions to outpace competitors.

We also understand ‘1G’ through to ‘5G’. The network market will be changed forever with the evolution of the 5G, and just as importantly, advanced services and applications will be enabled.

460degrees’ provides services to ensure innovative growth and advancement to help your business exceed in the technological marketplace.

Over the past decade we have partnered with the leading Asia-Pacific Operators as they have evolved their wireless broadband networks.


Whilst the world is technologically advancing, there is no denying the current services that a business may offer. We can prepare for the future, but there is a strong onus on continuing to run, test and improve your current networks.

Our experts measure and analyse mobile networks with Drive Test Services, providing outlooks on coverage, capacity and Quality of Service. We are also experienced with optimisation which allows efficient and cost-effective operation, as well as peak performance, with guaranteed up-time service levels across your networks.