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With most cyber attacks the result of human factors, the cyber resilience of your organisation hinges on the capabilities and decisions made by your employees. Do you know if your organisation is cyber secure?

460degrees takes a human-centric approach to risk management in cyber security. Our behavioural sciences experts are equipped with unique capabilities and tools that allow us to integrate your organisation’s people into the core of your cyber security strategy. We offer new ways to work with the infrastructure your organisation already has, provide tools and education, and develop solutions and policies that work with and for your people.

We Inspect, Identify and Improve behaviour, policy and operational environments to resolve the root causes of actions that expose your organisation to cyber threats. We work with your people to demystify cyber security, increase cyber literacy and instil an intrinsic motivation to cultivate a security culture that only grows stronger with time.

To do this, we use the results of our fine-grained analyses of your working environment and your employees’ interactions with existing cyber processes.

Our results inform how we develop and deliver customised workshops, behaviour-change interventions, policy revision, company-wide training, and more.


Human Centric Cyber Security Engagement Process

Short, innovative and targeted, 460degrees’ workshops are designed to engage with the specific issues of your organisation’s cyber security.

Whether preparing to accommodate regulatory or compliance obligations, building an enhanced awareness of emerging cyber threats, or to find a solution to specific challenges currently faced by your business, our cyber security experts are ready to help.

The following is a snapshot of the subjects 460degrees is uniquely equipped to address:

  • What we say is not the same as what we do: Ensuring compliance with security policies.
  • “Building bombs with words and pictures”: Corporate risk and information warfare.
  • Enhancing your security posture with human factors in cyber security: An introduction.
  • How to think like the enemy: Building cyber-resilience in yourself and others.

Inspect: Cyber behavioural audit and reporting

Using technology, behavioural science and specialised tools and techniques, 460degrees’ experts offer unique insight into your organisation’s cyber vulnerabilities.

We collect and analyse rich bodies of data about your organisation’s people, technology, culture, organisational structure and more. This gives you a unique perspective and understanding of where your weaknesses lie – as well as the insight you need to realise your cyber security goals.

During the audit, the information we compile, analyse and deliver are available to you to use as you see fit, and will also be seamlessly integrated into 460degrees’ cyber risk treatment plans.

Identify: Behavioural change, policy recommendations and planning

In this stage, we develop customised and comprehensive cyber risk treatment plans. These plans are based on insights and analytics collected from a deep dive into your organisation’s culture.

The460degrees approach is not ‘top-down’ nor reliant on new and unfamiliar technologies.  Using a variety of tools and techniques, our Experts perform an in-depth assessment and analysis of your organisation’s operational activities, digital profile, information and cybersecurity policies, as well as employee behaviour.

This stage offers new insights and options for how you can improve your security posture: simply through altering and reconfiguring everyday behaviour and expectations, as well as your company culture.

Improve: Behavioural change, policy revision and implementation

From audit to action, we support your organisation as we implement your cyber risk treatment plans.

460degrees guides you through implementing tailored behaviour change techniques. Our Experts work to effectively improve your organisation’s cyber literacy and resilience, improve compliance with security policy, and ensure your software and hardware is operated securely.

Using all the information and data gained throughout the process, 460degrees leverages your people’s increased motivation for a new, improved cyber secure culture.

Our methods are supported by advanced capabilities afforded by gamification[RS1] [HS2] [HS3]  and easy-to-use compliance auditing software and ensure that the skills and knowledge we impart is retained.  Over time, your people will seek out continuous development in cyber security that evolves with the evolution of your cyber security goals.

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