If there is a breach to your cyber security, do you know if your people will respond responsibly and securely? To truly secure your organisation’s security, you must consider the human side.

A human-centred approach: Our Behavioural Sciences Experts are uniquely skilled to put humans at the centre of your strong security posture. We offer new ways to work with the infrastructure your organisation already has, provide tools and education, and develop solutions and policies that work with your people.

We inspect, identify and improve your operational environments: This resolves the root causes of people’s behaviour that could expose your organisation to social engineering attacks. We use targeted behavioural analysis of your working environment and your employees’ interactions with existing cyber policies, and provide workshops, company-wide training, analytics and more.

Our aim is to work with your people to demystify and re-frame cyber security. 460degrees seeks to increase cyber literacy and instil an intrinsic motivation to cultivate a security culture across your organisation.

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