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Keep an eye on the bigger picture. With expertise and insight, anticipate how new technology and disruptive ideas will impact your business.

From AI to blockchain, year on year the speed of change increases.

Responding and adapting to the opportunities of emerging technologies is how your organisation will thrive.

At 460degrees, the entrepreneurial DNA in our business model helps us understand your greatest challenges. With this knowledge we can to help future-proof the fastest-moving parts of your organisation.

The 460degrees team has decades of insight into how new technologies can and will evolve.

Our focus on human-centred design and the ethics of technology will enable you to make the right moves to achieve the intended (and avoid unintended) outcomes of your design.

In a fast-moving world, it’s important to rapidly respond to advancements in digital technology.

Throughout history, the best intentions and the loftiest ideals can lead to disaster. Without careful planning, it’s possible to mislead customers or misuse data without even intending to.

So, the 460degrees team advises business leaders to plan for internal and external change.

We seek to really drill down to the answers, asking: ‘What does disruptive technology mean for your operations?’ and ‘How do we best take advantage of this?’

With robust discussions and through compiling useable business cases, your models and systems can move fast, from proof of concept to implementable strategy.

Build a different approach to a decades-old problem and think about digital identity in a totally new way.

Existing online identity models are creaking under the strain or are already broken, and trust in institutions continues to erode.

New models for digital identity offer real, open-source, open standards alternatives that have started to be deployed by leading governments and organisations around the world.

Self-Sovereign Identity, or SSI, is a new approach to carrying your credentials online, with third party authority. Much like a familiar digital ‘wallet’, SSI technology lets you carry your credentials with you and decide when to use them.

Connected to the international SSI community and with global and local partners, the 460degrees team is uniquely experienced in the Australian market. We can introduce and guide your organisation through what SSI can mean for you and your customers, to test and explore the potential, and then to operational release.

Authenticate the privacy of your customers with a unique and ethical login process.

Authenticating logins of your staff and clients is a critical part of your organisation’s security.

With IDAM and SIAM technology, authenticate and secure the user’s identity then decide what access they have to your systems.

If you run multiple systems and applications simultaneously, you’ll need to design your login systems strategically.

460degrees steers organisations through the pitfalls of authenticating large numbers of people, including the rules and laws surrounding ethical identity management.

Stay highly informed about designing ethical, transparent systems to suit your business and your customers.

In the quest to know more, some organisations will gather as much information as they can about their customers.

With 460degrees’ insight and guidance, you can gather only the data you need – ethically and safely.

Ethics in technology is not about adhering only to the law, but also staying informed and aware of the impact of your business operations.

Through workshops and in-house sessions, the 460degrees team will raise your team’s awareness of ethics and social impact and introduce human-centred design into your processes.

Innovation in action is integral to everything we do. Our attitude evolves your business culture – because we practice this ourselves, every day.

Our clients know that the 460degrees approach to IP is a bit different.

Our people’s entrepreneurial drive really creates a point of difference in your projects. We know how to identify the ideas worth investing in (and how to promote those ideas), because our own business model cherishes the new.

Through regular or one-off workshops, the 460degrees team considers the tools, processes and practices that encourage innovative action in your organisation.

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