Data is abundant in this great big and technological world - but what can this do for a business?


Organisations want to understand where they sit in the market and how to exceed against competitors. Luckily, there is a wealth of data from vendors that may hold important keys to do just that.

Our digital and advanced analytics abilities empower clients to start making sense of the data around them, driving important decision making.

We have a large breadth of experience and knowledge including business analysis, statistical analytics, summarisation, machine learning and AI, and building tables.

Our experts can provide guidance through the turbulent sea of data, enabling and empowering people to be competitive within the digital landscape.

A trove of data is useless without a way to understand important aspects within.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the business sense it is also worth time saved through communication and productivity across your workforce.

Great visualisation will allow a room full of team members with different skillsets to see data with the same level of understanding. It is a communication tool that translates the complex into the very simple.

Our experts can decipher the meaning behind data, also utilising tools such as RPython, Spark, Tableau, as well as ETL tools such Pentaho and Talend. We have access to specialised technology partners also, such as data framework software company FraXses.

Utilising data is of great importance for a business, as is a storage method for all this information.


Our clients are in different phases of the data-utilisation and management life-cycle. We can pin-point where you need to invest in this journey, or even start it.

Data management at its simplest can be broken down into layers; storage, processing (or batch processing), and serving. Our experts ensure that this process is implemented and running smoothly end-to-end.

Through the management of data our experts can assist with driving down costs and improving efficiency, overall enabling a well-informed business.

Cloud computing can offer great ease and prospects to an organisation, and increasingly more are turning toward cloud computing for their data service needs.


Being agile as an organisation is important in a saturated market – and a cloud computing solutions allows for prioritisation of resources and business catalogues.

Infrastructure as a Service is disposable computing at scale. With a huge amount of processing power behind it, this virtual infrastructure allows for simple allocation of data and assets online protected by external parties. This approach means that organisations can focus on things of greater importance than issues such as storage of big data in unfathomable quantities.

On the other side of cloud computing is Platform as a Service, which looks at pre-built digital structures engineered to make digital tasks such as programming simple. This take on the cloud handles scaling and all the tricky variables, so a business can get on with the necessary tasks.

Our experts have the knowledge and skills behind implementing and maintaining cloud computing infrastructure, with experience in AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. 460degrees also implements digital strategy initiatives to ensure any transition or maintenance is kept on track.

Massive amounts of data can be daunting. Our experts can help businesses manage and define the beneficial pieces amongst the magnitudes of information.


Big data refers to not only ginormous quantities of data, but also a large breadth of types. This can pose issues both in forms of storage and interpretation.

Our experts have been working with big data for a long time, and understand methodology for each of the three Vs – Velocity, Variety and Volume. We can sift through the noise that this presents with valuable outcomes.

We also have experience with a range of processing systems such as Spark, Hive, Hadoop, MongoDB, Talend, and so on.

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