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A successful organisation delivers products and services to their customers faster than their competition. Our DevOps experts can help your business keep up.

Modern technology is forcing all aspects of business to accelerate, making it critical to streamline DevOps in order to compete.

Cross-functional teams are responsible for the successful quality execution of software solutions, focusing on everything from design through to production and support.

DevOps emphasises a dynamic relationship between Development and Operations that is built on both greater collaboration and tighter integration. It embodies agile, continuous delivery, continuous integration, and automation.

Not only is innovation faster as a result of successful implementation, but you will deliver higher value to your business and customers.

Don’t leave your team waiting. Get working code into needed environments as quickly as possible with CI and CD.

At 460degrees, we know that CI and CD helps your team provide quality products to their customers rapidly and more frequently.

CI is a software development practice where developers regularly merge their code changes into a central repository, after which automated builds and tests are run. This allows for faster identification and addressing of defects, improved software quality, and a reduced time to both validate and release new software updates.

Beyond CI, CD practices to deploy and test code changes to different environments in an automated manner, anytime. Getting this right means you can deploy your application at the press of a button.

Our experts utilise the latest thinking and tools to set-up and run both CI and CD, ultimately ensuring you deliver faster and your software is working as expected.

Manual testing is repetitive and time-consuming. Through an automation approach, your team can discover defects as code is initially built.

Test Automation can be technically complex and is often the main pitfall for an organisation implementing DevOps. It requires an expert understanding of using automation tools in the right way and ensuring successful deployment.

460degrees understands that Test Automation is critical to your team’s ability to validate the quality and functionality of their software.

The advantageous process allows your team to avoid delays in problem discovery, reduces test cycles, and ensures better coverage of your code with automated test-case execution. This minimises time and cost for deployment.

Our DevOps experts’ focus on automated testing ensures that by the time you are ready to deploy your product, you are confident and proud of the outcome.

  • Zai


    With its sights set on a move into global markets, Zai enlisted 460degrees to help them solve a variety of data residency, logging, and auditing challenges.

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