• Overview
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Cloud Security and Readiness Assessment
  • Cyber Security Strategy
  • Cyber Security Compliance
  • Penetration Testing
  • DevSecOps
  • Breach Assessment and Rectification

How valuable is your business data and information? In our data driven society, can you afford to expose your critical business information? You need an expert approach to protect your information and preserve your business.

No business is immune from exposure to cyber security breaches and criminal acts. While there is no ‘silver bullet’ to protect your critical business information and data, you can make your business resistant and resilient to Cyber attacks.

You need to ensure that your Cyber Security defences measure up against the best industry standards including ISO27001, NIST and the ASD Essential 8. 460degrees offer rapid assessments of your Cyber Security maturity and shape a plan to enhance your Cyber resilience.

Keep in mind that Cyber Security measures are as essential as the locks and alarms on your business premises. Can you afford to leave your place of business unlocked to the Cyber criminals out there?

Shaped to assist clients in ensuring the security of their existing or planned Network infrastructure.

460degrees can complete a full assessment of Network Attack Surface.

This assessment scans across network endpoints, firewalls and gateways for vulnerabilities, ensuring that upon completion vulnerabilities will be known and able to be secured.

Our process ensures that critical business information transferred across the network infrastructure is secure.

Our Cloud migration plan will address the migration of data and applications without considering the security implications.

Conducting an assessment of the proposed cloud environment, including the data and applications for migration, will inform clients of new vulnerabilities and risks to their information.

Upon completion a risk assessment can be produced to determine an organisations readiness for migration, enabling business executives to understand the potential implications of the migration and potential mitigation strategies that may need to be implemented.

This ensures that critical business functions and information will be protected during and after the migration.

Enterprise Cyber Security is often ad-hoc and not linked to the Enterprise Risk Management strategy. This approach induces vulnerabilities as staff are often confused about Cyber Security measures and plans and have no buy-in.

Our approach is to implement a co-developed Enterprise Cyber Security Strategy, informed by assessments of your Cyber Security maturity against NIST, ASD Essential 8 and ISO27001, using automated assessment tools.

460degrees offer Cyber Security policy advice to ensure that your governance is not just words, but is best practice, understood, and supported by your team.

Good end-to-end Cyber strategy ensures “by-in” from the team and seeks to make them Cyber fit by frequent training to realise an overall uplift in capability Our Cyber Gym program is specifically tailored to ensure this outcome.

Interactive, digitised compliance assessments using an automated assessment tool.

Our Cyber Security Compliance tool is designed to measure your organisations maturity and compliance with ASD Essential 8, ISO 27001 and NIST standards.

Instant results and feedback are made available to the executive via an automated dashboard. Providing instant value with minimal investment. In addition it avoids Cyber consultants interrupting your business activities.

Our automated baselining tool provides a great reference to shape a Cyber fitness program for your organisation to raise its Cyber Security maturity.

We conduct Penetration Testing on Networks, Hardware, Applications, EFTPOS devices and many other entry points using the latest Linux based tooling.

It is better to invest up front in development to know your vulnerabilities before finding out the expensive way in production.

460degrees provides a detailed report on results of Penetration Testing including vulnerabilities and recommendations.

The penetration test can be used in conjunction with a baselining assessment to provide a maturity assessment of Cyber Security within your organisation and its infrastructure.

Protect your organisation’s reputation by building releases that are secure and add value to your customers.

Build a foundation of security within your cloud native applications with an assessment of vulnerabilities at the code level on cloud native applications.

We will integrate with your DevOps team to ensure your next release is secure.

Protect your business revenue from Cyber hacktivists and criminals.

Don’t be the next headline on itnews.com.au! If Critical Business information and/or confidential client information has been leaked through Cyber Security breach we can rapidly assess the breached environment across the Network, Infrastructure and Applications.

Once isolated our team will assist with immediately plugging the breach to prevent further compromise, while implementing hardening of security measures to prevent reoccurrence.

It’s vital to not only protect your business revenue from Cyber hacktivists and criminals, but protect your reputation and ensure that all lessons are learned to enhance your Cyber maturity.