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  • Change Management

A critical success factor in a large program of work is both the operational readiness of staff, and organisational support for the change.

We are committed to the success of our clients’ programs of work. Not only do we assist with training of teams and individuals within an organisation, but we also assist with change.

A change program can normally be identified as a workstream within a larger program designed to deal with the human element. We want everyone who is affected by a change to be a wholehearted supporter of it.

At 460degrees we will take accountability for the operational readiness of teams we manage. Not only this, but we also ensure that when your organisation goes through this change that your staff will be ready to support it.

Our change and training leads, instructional design experts, and facilitation teams will hit all milestone dates, as well as make sure that employees and stakeholders are ready.

460degrees experts recognise the importance of strong change-leadership and have the skills to implement it across all sectors.

Our people align with yours and implement a management framework that helps change and training management teams.

Through identifying processes, perception courses, and transforming engagement models with internal team members and external consumers, we ensure businesses have definition in change and training.

Our unique and humanised methodology teaches others how a program or project works, just how an organisation can make the most out of a training program, and also assist implementation at each stage.

With 460degrees experts, keep your stakeholders happy and build your ‘A-team’ to perform above expectations.

460degrees ensures that the messy parts of your workstream are taken care of.

In this project management role, we ensure knowledge and skills every step of the way to take the headaches away from your organisation key players and teams.

Our experts will scope and implement training requirements, look after planning and logistics, organise instructors, and manage enrolments.

All this this and more provides your in-house PMs with the space to get on with what they were hired to do.

From solution overviews, technical training, process workshops, and progress reports along the way, we ensure that the scope of your project is delivered from all angles.

Sharp skills and awareness are fundamental to business and change management.

460degrees people are experts in producing instructional content for training purposes, working hand-in-hand with your SMEs or project SMEs to create quality training content.

Not only do we have experience in classroom-based delivery (personal, group and web seminars), but also with eLearning and relevant systems.

Our eLearning modules meet industry requirements and can be integrated with your organisation’s existing learning management systems. This includes following SCORM standards and specifications to ensure the best for your organisation.

We go a step further by