• Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Data sourcing and data storage
  • Data Warehousing and ETL
  • Reporting and Data Analysis
  • Advanced analytics and data science

Inform business futures with data-driven decision making. Together with our expert guidance, make your data available to the right people at the right time.

The 460degrees Business Intelligence and Analytics team is your conduit to the billions of streams of data flowing through your organisation. Through infrastructure, business intelligence, visualisation, advanced analytics and predictive analytics, we enable a comprehensive view of your data.

With 460degrees’ accessible visual design, our dashboards make your data understandable and useable, which helps reduce risk for your business.

With this information in hand, your business can drive and adapt to change in the marketplace, manage inefficiencies and project to the future.

Set up your data management from the start and make data available to your business all from one source.

If your business is collecting diverse information from your customers, you’ll need a safe, accessible place to house large amounts of unstructured and structured data – until it’s needed.

460degrees creates a Data Lake for our clients, where the original source files can be found. This ‘flat’ (non-hierarchical) architecture stores data in a way that provides clear lineage from your analysis back to its source.

From this point, your business has a solid starting point for the decision-makers in your organisation.

Consolidate data effectively and create a single place for business decision-making.

460degrees uses industry-leading technology to prepare and house data. Our significant background in financial systems and processes and deep understanding of risk indicators enables businesses to consolidate information.

Using ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tools our team will process, migrate and integrate data from different sources, capture information and identify its source when warehousing your data.

Depending on your business needs, 460degrees can put in place high-level strategic data goals or assist your team with resource augmentation.

With expert insight and knowledge, we deliver the insight your business needs to make decisions.

As industry leaders in the reporting space, our skills and analytics technology can identify and report on actionable insights for your business.

Using tools such as Tableau and Power BI, the 460degrees team reports on sales hotspots or problem areas, budgeting and forecasting, and all the upcoming opportunities that enable businesses to act fast.

With our superb dashboards and visualisations, your project managers and teams can intervene early on financial targets or really focus on future projections.

Scan the business landscape with advanced, predictive modelling around customer behaviour.

Plan and act for the long term with advanced analytics. Across industries such as government, manufacturing, finance, transport and health, 460degrees’ specialist team can meet your modelling needs.

Using Python and Machine Learning, we identify all the variables that impact customer behaviour so you can adjust and improve your business outcomes.

Over and above those ‘gut feel’ decisions, your team will be able to make evidence-based decisions backed by powerful data insights.

Be confident that you’re pulling the correct levers, accelerating your profitability and meeting your strategic goals.

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