Philip Hayde
Client Director

Philip Hayde is 460degrees’ newest Client Director. He tells us about his background in the recruitment space, and how he brings that knowledge forward to help our clients move to DevOps.

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October 5, 2020

Bringing business nous to DevOps

When I came to 460degrees, I wanted to get more involved in technical conversations with businesses. So, working with our Experts enables me to be able to be part of those conversations. Although I’m not an engineer, I understand it, and I know the market inside-out. I listen to businesses tell us what problems they are having and help provide a solution.

Bringing business nous to DevOps

I was delighted to join 460degrees as a Client Director in September 2020 after relocating to Melbourne from Ireland. I spent the first three years in Australia at Bluefin Resources as a Recruitment Consultant, where I built the DevOps and Cloud Engineering desk from the ground up. In my time in recruitment, I’ve always been interested in the technology side of things. I think the interest I had in DevOps and Cloud Engineering was the main reason I stayed in recruitment as long as I did. So, I wanted to stay in the technology space but move into Professional Services, where I could be involved in a more consultative business development role.

After a long visa transfer process, I joined 460degrees. I will still be working in the DevOps space, but also taking on more areas that we specialise in, and I’m excited to learn a lot more going forward.

Over the years, I’ve learned what issues businesses face when trying to move to a DevOps environment. I now have a platform where I can work with a DevOps team to help those businesses with their journey. I am currently working with our DevOps practice on a proposal for businesses to carry out a health check on their current environment and set-up. I consult and help the team rectify the issues, in readiness to go to market. A project like this is what excites me and gets me out of bed every morning.

With my keen interest in where technology is progressing, I’m on hand to listen to businesses about what issues they are struggling with and work closely with our experts at 460degrees to provide solutions to those problems. I also plan to complete my AWS Cloud Practitioner exam this year. My long-term aim is to help our Experts grow their practise within 460degrees, ensuring we are the go-to Expert Management Agency for organisations all across Australia.

If you want to reach out and discuss what we are building at 460degrees, please feel welcome to drop me a message at [email protected]

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